Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

“Since taking the course I have noticed that I am more present for routine activities, eating, etc. I am more open and curious, focused and deliberate and have better posture. It inspired me to be more curious without judgment and to practice as the benefits/returns were real. Pauline’s responses were clear and well considered.”

MAF, Chief Financial Officer 

“The changes I have noticed are better ability to slow down, be observant, aware of thoughts, judgments, and able to let things go. I think everyone can benefit from this practice. I would recommend it to friends who are looking for a deeper relationship with themselves and the world around them.”
BAS, Executive director, alumni services

“I am more relaxed and calm and think things out when speaking with others. I found the breathing exercise remains the essence of all meditation and was most inspired when learning it’s importance. I am excited about future participation and involvement.

DV, Real Estate management

“I attended Pauline’s MBSR Class (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) in 2008. This opportunity gave me the incentive to start something I had long been thinking about and not acting on. I am now enjoying the healthful benefits of meditation and yoga. It truly helps me to better cope with situations of life. My goal of daily practice is close, but not yet fulfilled. I continue with 2 meditation groups that have come out of my initial class, which helps keep me on that path.” EMS, R.N.

“Four months after finishing an MBSR class with Pauline, I find myself on a wonderful and complex journey. I don’t know exactly where I am going, but I can see how the meditation techniques Pauline taught me will enrich and deepen my life.” EK, teacher, retired

“The MBSR course has helped me to find and create a space just “to be” in my life and this space has helped to lessen my stress and anxiety levels. I have also found that when I meditate at night, I sleep better. I have continued the mindfulness practice and enjoy going to the monthly refreshers. They remind me to continue to live in the present moment. The classes are well presented, organized, and welcoming to all participators” KK, special ed. teacher

“This course was very helpful in helping me stay calm in chaotic moments. The exercises are now an arrow in my quiver to combat those irritable, restless and discontent times that inevitably show up in life.” JW, financial consultant

“The course is an enchanted journey through a variety of meditation techniques, a truly healing and empowering experience.” AR, anthropologist, doctoral student, mother of 2 boys

“Eat, sleep, love AND Pauline Cecere’s class….you’ll thank me for it.”
R.W., executive freelance administrator

MBSR course for children

“It helps me to relax my mind easily” EB, 10 yr old student

“E. learned that he has a natural ability to find quiet in his own mind; it’s now a skill he can use any time.” ‘Pauline has a gentle and positive way of teaching mindfulness in a way children can understand and feel good about.”
CB, university professor, psychotherapist and EB’s mom